How To Immigrate To The UK From South Africa

Traveling as a whole can be quite uneasy. One needs to be drenched in the knowledge of the country’s law you are looking forward to visiting. The requirements, regulations, and every other thing. Everyone has several intentions for traveling overseas, and navigation must not be stressful and rigid, except for a few countries.

Speaking on immigrating to the UK from South Africa, we have made the necessary inquiry and research that will hasten and assist you in getting to the UK in no distant time. Wouldn’t you want a follow-up on that? Come with us.

How To Immigrate To The UK From South Africa

First, which is the gateway to any country, even considering any other thing, is a passport. You must ensure you have a valid passport; if you don’t go get one.

Outside this, you have no place in the world, and the UK government cannot work on your visa. If you are go-ahead to process it, note that it takes a couple of months, hence, you will want to give some time before finally traveling.

The other thing you want to do is budget your expenses and everything it will cost. Every journey one wants to embark on incurs a certain amount of money, however, it is ideal you work on finance before taking a step because you might need to spend more in case of unforeseen.

You will need a lot of monies to complete your application, and cater for health charges (there are some tests you will have to take like the Tuberculosis test).

Most travelers immigrating to the UK from South Africa do choose between Spouse Visa and Skilled Worker, however, you might want to immigrate with a different intention; money is still needed to do any of those.

Everyone needs to show that they have reached a specific height in their savings and finance before any of the types of Visa can be granted.

Depending on the location, the cost of living varies, therefore, you will need to check this out. You must also have a place to lay your head.

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Moving on, look out for the type of visa that meets your qualification before you immigrate to the UK from South Africa. It is advised that you read about the categories of visas available. Below are the types:

  • UK Ancestry Visa

As part of being a Commonwealth citizen, this is one route that is open for you as a South African. The total requirements are as follows:

  • Out of state support, you will need to solely carter for yourself
  • You must be employable
  • Dating to 31 March 1992, you should have at least, one grandparent who was given birth to in the UK
  • You must be 17 years or more

Your parents, of course, must be biological, and this is also open to those who were adopted, as long as you have an official adoption with all necessary documents. Is either the parents who adopted you are UK born or their own parents are given birth by someone in the same course.

  • Ancestry Visa Evidence

Here, you get to enjoy an entirely different package, unlike the Skilled Worker Visa. You need no job offer before applying to immigrate to the UK from South Africa.

But you got to show that you are workable, and the intention of seeking employment once you get to the UK. In fact, you can decide to apply as a self-employed immigrant, volunteering is also allowed.

Even if you do not apply on any of the previous mentioned, you will need to prove that you will support yourself, with no money needed but just the following:

  • Mortgage agreement or Tenancy
  • Savings
  • Bank statements
  • Enough space and rooms in the apartment in your place of residence are needed

Importantly, even though this (the Ancestry Visa) seems to be the easiest of all the types of visa you can apply for, it is depending on some valid and tight documentation.

You will not only prove that you are a citizen of any of the Commonwealth of Nations but you will also officially show if you were adopted by couples who were born in the UK or if your grandparents fall in the same place. Essential UK national authorities are to be checked to get this done.’

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How Long Can I Stay In The UK On An Ancestry Visa?

Once your visa has been approved, it will lapse after a period of 5 years. The UK can have you in her throughout this time. Afterward, everyone you can with and you will have to go to the embassy and find the Indefinite Leave application, so that you can remain after the expiry.

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Let us assume you do not meet the requirements before the expiry, you will have to extend your UK Ancestry Visa after your first five years of immigration to the UK from South Africa, and you can then reapply before the next expiry.

  • Skilled Worker Visa

This is also one of the most used visas as far one wants to immigrate to the UK from South Africa. Under this type, you are free to live and work for a course of five years. Points are given under the based system, and you are to have a total of 70.

Having a job offer gives you 50 points, provided you are on the right skill level. And the job offer comes from an official and well-known institution that has decided to sponsor you legally.

The company must also meet the salary level pegged at £25,600, and if it is not up to this, it should not go below £20,480. Application is still sure if:

  • You have a Ph.D. qualification in some particular field which is required
  • You are available for jobs that there are not enough British workers to take them
  • You have some other qualifications at their height in your field.
  • Skilled Worker Visa Eligibility Requirements

For a greater success height in your application, you are required to speak well and intensively with the migration consultant a while before you begin your application. And do well to meet the requirements of your choice, because there are several requirements needed to be met, namely:

  • Individual savings as your personal support
  • A 5-year history of your traveling and immigration
  • At least on a B1 level, you must be sound in your English language skill
  • Pure and criminal-free record of convictions
  • No immigration
  • A proof that you will be leaving on your own without any sort of support from the government

For the billings, the price for applying for a visa outside the UK to applying within varies, so as it is depending on the number of years. The more the years the higher the price.

It will cost you £610 if you are applying for Skilled Worker Visa for a course of 3 years; it is £1120 if you are going for 5 years. In case you love to switch from a particular type of visa to another, while you are still in the UK, it ranges from £707 to £1,408.

  • How Long Can I Stay In The UK On A Skilled Worker Visa?

As a visa applicant on the Skilled Worker part, you will need to renew it after 5 years, or you could decide to get an Indefinite Leaven to Remain within the UK outside any sort of restrictions.

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Joining Your Partner In The UK

Applying for Spouse Visas is not that easy as well. If you will be immigrating to the UK from South Africa through this means, you need to note that you are traveling with a particular job cause, and your spouse must be a British or a longtime settler in the UK.

To be eligible, you will need to show that you have been married for over two years to your spouse, and if it is your fiancé, you must be ready to get married before the completion of 6 months after your entry to the UK.

How The Immigration Advice Service Can Help You

Important it is for you to make a complete inquiry on how to immigrate to the UK from South Africa, hence, an official, vast and experienced lawyer is needed to support you. As a South African, you can visit the IAS locally; either physically on via phone.

Do I Need A Tuberculosis Test If I Want To Move To UK From South Africa?

Tuberculosis must be obtained before you immigrate to the UK, it is an important instruction from the authorities. Particularly, if you will be staying there for over half a year.

The test is to check if tour radiography is clear or not, plus a chest X-ray with a sample of sputum. This test must be taken as part of your visa application if you want to immigrate to the UK from South Africa.

On the other hand, you must ensure that these tests and laws are considered vital and important, hence, you need to contact the London Immigration Lawyers for further knowledge and education.

Many South Africans and immigrants travel to the UK to further their education, improve their living conditions, for healthcare and treatment, among several other things, you need to decide on yours upon applying for a visa too.

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