How To Immigrate To Canada Without Language Test

Officially, there are two well-used and formal languages in Canada: namely; French and English language. Hence, most potential immigrants are always advised to gain prominence, at least, to some extent, in one of these languages. Till today, it still remains paramount and subjective.

Based on this, a series of language tests are conducted for immigrants upon the processing of a VISA. The test helps to recognize their level of understanding and if it tallies with the requirements.

On the other hand, any of these tests could become so strenuous that most people would love to stay away from them, thereby being a hindrance. Keep reading to know more about the most effective ways to immigrate to Canada without taking an English language test or any sort.

How To Immigrate To Canada Without Language Test

One of the ways to immigrate to Canada without sitting for any of the tests is by processing your VISA by a job offer, definitely through a Canadian employee. All you need do, if you make use of this way, is just to prove that you are sound enough, in terms of language, to handle your duties.

Another way to immigrate to Canada without any test is by enrolling in language courses. Meaning you will be studying a full program, which is likely you get a work permit that will last for 3 years.

Before the dawn or expiry of the 3 years, you could have processed. Canadian permanent residency. The last way is by choosing a tourist visa, here, it is left for you to decide if you want all-through tourism or you want to go further in for immigration.

Can I Immigrate To Canada Without A Language Test?

Immigrating to Canada without a language test is one out of 15 immigrants, but it is nowhere near impossibility. Most times, being a skilled worker means you will have to show how good you are in the language by sitting for an official test. The Canadian immigration approves just three of these, namely:

  • TEF (Test D’evaluation de Francais)
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing Program)
  • CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program)
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Need Help Immigrating To Canada Without A Language Test?

Here are the possible ways of immigrating away from any type of test:

  • Language Courses

A full-time language program in any of the schools in Canada is a good way to get things done off language tests. Ensuring you work on your residential permit on or before three years will be ideal.

  • Provincial Nominee Program

It is necessary to note that taking PNPs does not mean you will avoid taking a language test. Not at PNPs warrants you taking a serious test. Some will just conduct a low language proficiency test provided you have an in-demand occupation with a nice work experience.

You are good to go if you have a job offer from any of the Provinces, your nomination becomes easier and faster. Obtaining a permanent residency is possible through this process as well.

  • Family Sponsorship

With a Canadian resident who is above the age of 18 and capable enough to sponsor your expenses, you can choose Family Sponsorship to get into Canada. You do not need to sit for any language test through this process.

A qualifying relative of yours is good to set the ball rolling. You can even be sponsored to become a permanent resident, where you can work, study, live and do all you want there.

  • Job Offer

Not all jobs need you to be fluent in English language or any at all. If you can prove your expertise in the work you want to go do, you got no issue. It has proven to be the most ideal way of traveling to Canada without an aptitude test.

Can I Apply For A Canadian Work Permit Without IELTS?

Yes, an application for a Canadian Work Permit is possible without IELTS, not so many people know this. As it is known, IELTS is just to ascertain and recognize your proficiency in the language, all you need to travel is your work permit.

How Do I Prove My English Or French Language Ability?

First, you need to sit for a well-known and approved language test, to be set for Express Entry. All you need is to meet the required result and submit your outcome to Express Entry’s profile.

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Can Refugees Work In Canada Without A Work Permit?

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, known as IRCC, under the immigration office, is the only one that can issue a work permit to a refugee, without it, no refugee can ever think of working in Canada.

If a refugee’s documents have been taken to a body under the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), named Refugee Protection Division and it has been crosschecked, such can apply for a work permit.

How To Work In Canada As A Refugee Claimant

All you need in possession to start working in Canada as a refugee claimant is a Social Insurance Number (SIN) and a work permit. The one that comes first in these, is the processing of your work permit at the Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You can go for SIN once your work permit has been completed.

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How Do I Apply For A Work Permit As A Refugee?

It cost you nothing to apply for a work permit as a refugee, it is untied to a price. You just got to visit Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, get a foreign consulate in the embassy close to you and procure the application forms for both work permit and SIN.

What Jobs Do Refugees Do In Canada?

Based on statistics and findings, there are several refugees in professional fields that only an expert with a degree can work in. Fields like architecture, medicine, and dentistry, to mention but a few. Refugees do two things, they provide jobs for Canadians as a whole, as well as themselves.

Are There Any Jobs For Foreign Workers In Canada?

There are a list of jobs available for foreigners in Canada. The jobs are numerous, you just need to speak to any of the consultants around to look out for the list of opportunities that could seem ideal or best for you.

In Canada, the salaries for foreign workers per hour start from $14; your qualification, field, and years of experience determine the pay too. On average, a foreign worker in Canada gets paid on a minimal base, $52,600 per annum, it could be more than this.

Can A Foreigner Work As A Caregiver In Canada?

Yes, a foreigner can work in Canada as a caregiver, all he needs to do is get a visa sponsorship. On the other side, you need to work on getting a temporary resident visa and a work permit, before you can commence working as a live-in caregiver.

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Why Are Companies Hiring So Many Foreign Employees In Canada?

To fill the void between demand and supply in the labor market, most employers and companies in Canada hire several prospective from either entry or beginner level to experienced ones. And virtually all the jobs are lucrative in nature.

Multiple Jobs In Canada For International Students

If you ever which to study in Canada as a foreign student, you must lookout for the list of jobs available for you, while you run your educational program in either a College or University. For international students, Canada is one, if not the top on the list of their preferred countries to study.

Do you want to study abroad, in international standard schools in Canada, particularly? Employment opportunities should not have a distance away from your mind. Enroll for either Master’s or Bachelor’s degree and be set to work alongside.

How To Immigrate To Canada Without Language Test

What Are The Student Work Options In Canada?

Once you commence your program in any of the institutions in Canada, you can choose to either work off or on-campus. Below is the status of jobs you will get as a foreign or international student:

  • Full-time Jobs (40 hours per week) when holidays are on
  • Part-time Jobs (to a max of 20 hours per week) when school activities are on

Lastly, you can have an internship program in any company of your choice, or include a strong experience or status on your CV before getting into any volunteering program.

Best Part-time Jobs For Foreign Students In Canada

Here are some of the jobs you can apply for and the amount of pay per hour. You might not get one that suits your expertise, field or preference, but you will definitely find a fortune in it.

  • Lifeguard
                  $15 per hour
  • Educational interpreter
                  $18 per hour
  • Cook
                  $17 per hour
  • Human Resources Assistant
                  $16 per hour
  • Sales Assistant
                  $14 per hour
  • Customer Service Assistant
                  $12 per hour
  • Office Assistant
                  $13-$15 per hour
  • Aquarium Interpreter
                  $15 per hour
  • Bookkeeper
                  $25 per hour

Summer Job For International Students In Canada

Being the favourite of most international students when it comes to job-seeking, here are the jobs you could take during the summer, as a foreign student.

  • Baker
$16-$24 per hour
  • Camp counsellor
$14 per hour
  • Entertainment Activities Coordinator
$22 per hour
  • Reading Programme Leader
$14 per hour
  • Festival Coordinator
$14 per hour
  • Recreation Facilator
$18 per hour
  • Programme Facilitator
$17 per hour
  • Painter
$16 per hour


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