10 CHEAP & Easiest Ways To Migrate To Uk From Nigeria

Nigerians consider the United Kingdom to be a second home; it has long been a popular destination for Nigerians looking to study, work, relax, and so on.

Traveling as a doctor, researcher, or engineer from Nigeria to the United Kingdom has become the most common method of obtaining residency in the United Kingdom in recent years.

Nigerians aren’t the only ones authorized to enter the UK; there are a number of options available to those who wish to leave Nigeria in search of greater economic possibilities in the UK.

Visas are required for most visitors to gain access into the United Kingdom. As a result, obtaining a visa is a prerequisite to entering the United Kingdom.

The easiest ways to migrate to the UK from Nigeria may therefore be regarded as the quickest means to secure visas to the UK.

Easiest Ways To Migrate To The UK From Nigeria

Nigerians who want to enter the United Kingdom can apply for one of the following visas.

  • Visa for a British Spouse

Nigerians can apply for a UK Spouse Visa. For those who have formed love relationships with British citizens, these forms of visas are meant to allow them to enter the UK together.

This visa type is one of the most prevalent and thus one of the most popular ways to enter the UK.

There are a few things to keep in mind, however:

If you and your partner are both over the age of 18, you can apply for a UK Spouse Visa.

You must be married or in a civil partnership recognized by the United Kingdom in order to apply.

Your sponsoring partner must be a British citizen or have made their home in the United Kingdom.

Prior to getting married, you must have met your spouse in person at least once, and in some situations, you must have been living together for at least two years with your partner.

  • Fiancé Visa

In essence, a Fiancé Visa is the same as a UK Spouse Visa, except that this option is only available to engaged couples. You may already have a partner in the UK and are planning to get married as soon as you arrive in the UK from Nigeria.

There are several things to keep in mind:

Because of the increased risk of visa fraud associated with fiancé visas, the process of applying for one is substantially more rigorous than with other types of visas.

In order to be eligible for the Fiancé Visa, you may need to have been living together with your partner for at least two years.

During the interview, you will be asked about your relationship and whether or not it will lead to marriage.

Before granting you this visa, your age, criminal history, and overall health will very certainly be taken into account. Nigerians are not the only ones subjected to this level of scrutiny while applying for a visa to the United Kingdom.

  • Tier One Visas

Tier One Visas are some of the most successful visa applications. “High-value migrants” receive these types of visas. This is one of the most straightforward ways for Nigerians to move to the UK, but it is only open to individuals who can make an immediate contribution to the British economy and society.

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Tier 1 (Investor Visa)

Among the many investors attracted by Tier 1 visas are Nigerians. The purpose of this visa is to allow people to enter the UK who can start new businesses and thereby contribute to the country’s economy. As a result, thousands of people in the United Kingdom will have new places to call home.

A minimum of £2,000,000 in investible funds in the United Kingdom is required for this visa. Proof of finances and previous business experience will likely be requested during the interview process for this position.

Visa for New Businesses

However, it does not require a large amount of money to apply for this visa. This guide is geared for those looking to start their first company in the United Kingdom. However, an interview will be held, during which you will be expected to demonstrate your ability.

It’s important to have an attractive resume when applying for this visa; officials may want to see evidence of successful business operations in the past. Furthermore, you must demonstrate that the firm you plan to launch in the UK is a good match for the country and can create jobs.

  • UK Working Visas For Nigerian Citizens

In general, these visas are known as Tier 2 visas, and they are designed to bring in workers from countries with labor shortages, such as Nigeria, to the UK in order to fill those positions.

This type of visa is typically obtained by accepting a work offer from a company in the United Kingdom. A Certificate of Sponsorship may not be issued by every employer. This visa comes in a variety of forms, as previously indicated.

  • Tier 2 (General)

This is one of the simplest ways for Nigerians to migrate to the UK. As we indicated in the opening, Nigerian doctors, nurses, researchers, engineers, and academics can easily enter the United Kingdom from their country. Indeed, a lot has been made of the fact that a growing number of Nigerian medical practitioners are relocating to Britain.

Tier 2

Individuals with prior experience working for foreign companies may apply for this specific type of visa. Workers based in Nigeria or elsewhere may need to be relocated to the UK so they can continue working for their companies.

Tier 2 (Sportsperson)

Those who meet the criteria for a Tier 2 (Sportsperson) work visa can apply for it, and it is often believed to be a straightforward process.

An established coach, athlete, or sportsman like a footballer is eligible for this visa. In contrast, it’s only open to well-known athletes who can help improve the quality of the sports they play.

Those who work for relief or social groups under the auspices of religious entities, such as priests and preachers, will be eligible for the Minister of Religion visa (Tier 2).

  • UK Student Visas

There are a large number of Nigerians enrolled in educational institutions in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom has long been regarded as a good place to study and teach by Nigerians.

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In the past, the high cost of attending has discouraged many Nigerians from participating.

Proof of your financial ability to cover both your school fees and your daily costs is required. It’s possible that you’ll have to provide proof that you’ll be able to afford your entire education.

Part-time employment is permitted while you are enrolled in school, which can assist you in covering your living expenses.

You may be eligible to apply for UK residency.

No one can say they’ve successfully migrated to Great Britain if they entered on any of the visas listed above without first becoming a citizen or at least a permanent resident. Getting permanent residency in the UK is possible through the process of applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

You must have been legally residing in the UK for at least five years.

Only 180 days outside of the United Kingdom are permitted in a 12-month period.

During your stay, you were not involved in any criminal activities.

Showing that you are familiar with British etiquette is a requirement.

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How To Get A Job In Uk From Nigeria

To find virtual/online jobs, you can use internet platforms such as upwork, fiverr, and the like.

But if you’re searching for physical work, which I assume you are, I’ll be honest and tell you that it may be difficult to get because you don’t live there.

You should also compare your talents and qualifications to those necessary in the United Kingdom.

However, if you’re looking for work online, you can use sites like jobberman and Gblcareers. But if you’re specific about your area, they may be able to help.

Nigerians can work legally in the United Kingdom. There is a list of jobs that are in short supply in the United Kingdom (Which they update occasionally). If your history does not appear on the list, a test known as the resident labor market test will be administered to your application.

To put it simply, this implies that the job must be advertised for a long amount of time and it must be proven that no one in the United Kingdom was able to fill it. It’s imperative that they do this before bringing on any employees from outside of the United Kingdom.

If you’re a nurse or another profession in the medical field, this is a good day for you because the test doesn’t apply to you. Once your resume is submitted, you only need to know how to play your cards until the final interview stage.

In the UK, these are the most popular job sites: In addition to Reed and Glassdoor and Total and Guardian jobs and Prospects and Milkround.

UK Visa Requirements For Nigerian Citizens 2022

These are the conditions for Nigerians seeking a visa for the United Kingdom.

  • Leave Approval

To begin, you’ll need to obtain permission from your employer to take time off work in order to provide documentation for your employment status in your passport.

It is necessary to have a passport that is valid for at least six months before traveling to the United States.

  • Statement from the bank.

Request a six-month bank statement from your financial institution. Request a statement and reference letter from your company’s account if you have one.

  • Tax.

To expedite the application process, have a copy of your tax return on hand (if you have it).

  • Payslip.

Your company must provide you with a four-month pay stub.

  • CAC.

In order to apply for a UK visa, you must submit your business registration document (CAC) if you work for yourself. As a result, the previous five are omitted from consideration.

  • Letter of recommendation.

A letter of recommendation from your employer is required. Your role at work, your yearly income, and the reason for your visit should all be entered by them. The British Embassy should be the recipient.

  • A Letter of Invitation

Request a letter of invitation from your host if you’ve been asked to attend. If you are staying with someone in the United Kingdom, you must provide your personal information, as well as your host’s name, passport number, status, and purpose for the visit.

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The expense of paying one’s monthly utility bills. If your host wants to host you while you are in the UK, you should include the utility bills in your application.

Records of the host. If your host intends to cover some of your expenses in the UK, ask for their work details and bank statements.

Permit or Data Page. It’s also necessary for your host to send a copy of their data page or resident permit.

Accommodation. Finally, you’ll need to show documentation of where you’ll be staying during your visit. Your hosts utility bill is vital if they plan to host you. A hotel reservation is mandatory for a tourist.

Cost Of Relocating To Uk From Nigeria

Before moving to the United Kingdom, you’ll require between $3,000 and $4,00 for your visa and health care costs. Rent, utility expenses, and a security deposit may necessitate a $2000 cash reserve after you arrive.

Benefits Of Relocating To Uk From Nigeria

Job opportunities, strong labor laws, access to Europe so you can travel and learn about many other cultures, access to the NHS and high-quality free public schools if you’re moving with your children or if you’re planning to have children once you’ve settled in the UK are some of the main advantages of moving here.

It is possible to feel at home in the UK despite the fact that you are thousands of miles away. About 100,000 Nigerians live in London, which has the largest Nigerian community. Greater Manchester, Leeds, Coventry, and Gravesham also have modest Nigerian communities.

What To Pack When Moving To Uk

  • Clothing
  • Shirts / t-shirts
  • Sweater / fleece for layering
  • Jeans / Pants
  • Underwear / socks
  • Shoes (bring a pair that is versatile so you can travel with just one or at most two pairs)
  • Swimwear (if needed, such as hotel has pool for instance)
  • More formal wear (if needed, such as planned fine dining or theatre experience)
  • Clothes (Cold Weather additional items)
  • Warm winter Coat
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Scarf
  • Additional Sweaters/ Fleece
  • Clothing (Warm Weather additional items)
  • Short sleeve t-shirts / tank tops
  • Spring/Summer skirts/dresses
  • Capris / Shorts
  • Light jacket / sweater
  • Sandals
  • Sunglasses / hat
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Toiletries
  • Toothpaste / toothbrush
  • Deodorant/Fragrance
  • Moisturiser
  • Chapstick
  • Makeup
  • Sunscreen
  • Medications
  • Hygiene Products
  • Photography Gear
  • Camera
  • Tripod / selfie-stick
  • Memory cards
  • Spare batteries
  • Camera accessories
  • Electronics
  • Smartphone
  • Headphones
  • Portable power pack
  • Travel adaptor
  • Extension lead
  • Laptop / tablet / e-reader
  • Cables
  • Luggage
  • Checked bag
  • Carry-on bag
  • Miscellaneous
  • Passport
  • Visa / proof of onward travel etc (if required)
  • Travel towel (backpackers only)
  • Jewelry / watch
  • Travel journal / reading materials
  • Cards / games
  • Travel umbrella or poncho

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